Senior Social Connection

     Senior Social Connection

With the Senior social Connection Club, we hope to help our older community members create fulfilling lifestyles by promoting a culture of health, wellness, and connection. Our community is unique with its own set of diverse seniors, and our hope is to offer friendly and interactive virtual social groups, allowing seniors a place to congregate safely while we get through unique circumstances. 

At uRise, we recognize the need, and demand for our local seniors to be able to have fun, stimulating conversations, as well as activities that are relevant to them, which is why we are working on tailoring our events to meet those regularly.  

Our Senior Social Connection Club meetings are held once a week, with other live events occurring throughout the month when available. We will be hosting some upcoming webinars in which the seniors become the teachers! Do you have a story to tell? Are you an expert in your field? An enthusiastic storyteller? Were you part of something amazing? We want to hear from you!

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